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General Data Protection Regulation Statement.

1. What is GDPR?

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become law on 25th May 2018 and will impact how Personal Data is collected, stored and processed by companies.

2. What is Personal Data?

Personal Data refers to any information, or expression of opinion, that may allow an individual to be identified, for example, their name and address, email address and telephone numbers.  The term data refers to any digital, automated data or manual information gathered by a company.

3. How will No. 7 use Personal Data?

We hold certain Personal Data relating to Employees of the Company and to a lesser extent Personal Data relating to Suppliers and Customers.  This data is held in accordance with No.7’s obligations to its Employees, Suppliers and Customers and their email addresses and other data, is used specifically to complete our agreed obligations towards these individuals and for no other purpose. This includes all the usual business communications required for No.7 to be able to perform its role as Employer,  Purchaser and Supplier, respectively.

Other than that, your data will never be passed on to third parties without your confirmation and permission (unless you have specifically requested us to do so) unless this is in connection with legal purposes or to protect life.

We do not use data for marketing purposes.

4. How is personal data stored at No.7?

Personal Data stored in physical and digital formats is stored securely.  It is not used for any other purpose other than the original purpose under which the Personal Data was originally collected.  Data is destroyed when no longer required.  Data will only be passed to a third party upon the instructions and authority of the proprietor and only then in if in accordance with paragraph (3) above.

By communicating by phone or email and by booking with us and using our services you agree and consent to the above

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Updated 25th May 2018